10 Best Perfume for Women

Perfume is a cocktail of memory and emotion, and women love emotion and memories. It’s their art to collage them together. Perfumes not even can evoke the memories, but also boost the mood.

Apart from above women also drawn to the scent more than men. They know how to play perfume game, with elegance and drama. I have compiled 10 best perfume for women and voted as the best affordable women’s perfume.
Best Affordable Women's Perfume
1. Channel
2. La Vie Est Belle
3. Daisy from Marc Jacobs
4. Philosophy
5. Viktor & Rolf
6. Jo Loves Pomelo
7. Cartier La Panthere
8. Acqua Di Parma Cipresso Di Toscana
9. Kenzo World
10. Estee Lauder Beautiful Eau De Parfum

Which Qualities Make a Perfume Best for Women?
If you are looking for your signature scent which can get you compliments, then you should look for these qualities in your perfume

1. Depth
Depth can change the feel of your scent, this can define the complexity and depth increases when the concentration of oils is higher in the perfume. I think depth is the factor that makes the perfume best for women.

A perfume is a complex combination of top, base and heart notes. Top notes are the lightest one which fades within one hour, then comes heart notes which come from fruity and floral family. The base notes are typically muck or wood smell.

2. Authenticity
Authenticity is the key which women always look for. People love to smell like real flowers or whatever their favorite smell is. They don’t want to smell like a dish shop. So make sure you test each scent before letting it go into the front lines, rather than just assuming it will please people with the name alone.

3. Subtle Strength
A subtle strength is the core of a good perfume, and I think women thrive to search such smell which is subtle but not too dull. A smell should not be overpowering that can destroy the sense of aroma. Top notes are like looks. They are the first thing people notice but the heart is what makes you who you are.

4. Uniqueness speaks loud
The scent which is made of one oil never gonna stand out, instead of the smell which is a combination of different smell makes you stand out. The perfect blend of scented fluids makes it unique. As everybody owns a unique personality they look for the same uniqueness when it comes to the invisible part of their daily grooming.

5. Harmony
As we said perfume evokes emotions, so harmony should be deployed when you spray your favorite scent. But sometimes one scent doesn’t do this job, then people do experiments and mix together two beautiful scents. Here most of the people fail because they don’t know which ingredients complement each other.
For example, coconut and vanilla are two amazing smells on their own, but they don’t sing together and try to steal the throne by overpowering the smell. But when you mix coconut with lime or jasmine the spell do the wonder and combination work amazingly.

Today, we tried to aware you of the basic chemistry behind the perfume; we hope this information helps when you buy the best affordable women’s perfume.
Original Source:- https://fragrancesscologne.blogspot.com/2020/01/10-best-perfume-for-women.html


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